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Basics of Electrical Panel Cooling System

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In a previous video, we covered the basics of an Electrical Control Panel.

Now we’re going to take a closer look at some of the other important components that go towards making up the panel.

In this video, we are going to be looking at the panel cooling system.

We’re going to cover the type of cooling used, how it functions, and why we use cooling in the first place.

The cooling system works by sucking in cool air at the bottom vent, and because heat rises, the hot air exits out of the top vent.

To regulate the heat inside the panel, it is fitted with an enclosure thermostat.

If the panel is going to be housed in a warm control room, similar to where our panel will be on a wastewater plant, then to maintain the integrity of the components in the enclosure, we need to make sure that the ambient temperature and humidity are taken into account.

Also, when the panel is powered up, the components themselves generate heat, but to keep them in a safe working range, we sometimes need to make sure that they are kept cool.

On the other hand, in cold buildings with no heating and lots of moisture around, to keep the components dry and moisture free, we need to keep them warm.

An enclosure thermostat works with a heating or cooling device to maintain a safe working temperature within the enclosure and to safeguard against condensation, humidity, and frost.

They can be wired normally open or normally closed, depending on the application.

For a cooling application, it is used to switch on a fan when the temperature is high and to reduce the enclosure temperature, it would be wired as a normally open.

With the temperature rising, the contact will close once the temperature rises above the set point. This would then enable the fan to operate.

For a heating application, it is used to switch on a heater when the temperature is low and to increase the enclosure temperature, it would be wired as a normally closed switch.

This means that the heater is ON in normal mode.

With the temperature rising, the contact will open once the temperature goes above the set point. This would then disable the heater.

The enclosure thermostat is not connected to the PLC, but sometimes it can be to display an enclosure internal temperature alarm. In this case, the enclosure thermostat is connected directly to the fan on the door and switches on and off independently of the PLC.


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